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How to Navigate This Site

The General Rule for Navigating This Site

If you are lost, just go back up to a Section main page or return to the Home Page and start over.

Users generally need to return to a section main page or the site Home Page in order to change to a new topic. Although there are a few links from a page in one section to a page in another section, in general there are no direct links across sections except for links to the Help Section in the navigation bars. (Remember that pages in the Applications Section link to application-specific help pages rather than to this general Help Section.).

Navigation Bars

Every page on the site (except for the Home Page and some error-notification pages) includes a navigation bar just above the page content. This bar provides links to the Home Page and to the Section main page. As mentioned above, except for the Applications Section, this navigation bar also links to the main page of this Help Section.

The navigation bar looks like this:
HPCC Home | Help Section Main Page

In the Applications section, content pages may include multiple navigation bars. Within application pages the "Help" link on navigation bars points to the help pages for the particular application in use, not to this general Help Section.

The navigation bars are of particular importance within the Applications section because the security measures used in the HPCC Applications Section require that users refrain from using their browsers' "Back", "Forward", and "Refresh" buttons. Fortunately, the links available on the two navigation bars make it easy for users to get to the pages they need.

The upper navigation bar on pages in the Applications Section provides context-dependent links, such as a link to the "Previous Page". Note that the "Previous Page" link is not available on the navigation bars for all Application pages because sometimes the requirements for passing parameters to and from pages makes it inappropriate to link back to a page; in such cases a "Refresh Page" link is usually provided in lieu of the "Previous Page" link. A navigation bar also provides a link to a session history list from which users can easily return to pages they have previously visited.

External Links

Links to external sites generally open new windows (or tabs).


The menus on the EGSC HPCC site are simple. Making a menu selection never initiates an irreversible or harmful action. If a menu selection puts the user in the wrong place, it is always easy just to go back to a section main page.

Menus are also easy to recognize. They are labelled, they consistently appear on the left, and they use the same color and style as navigation bars.

The text appearing on menu buttons should be self-explanatory. If, however, you find any navigational text to be unclear, please make a problem report using the form available in the Contacts Section of this site.

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